Simple Gardens

About Our Company

Our Mission

Simple Gardens wants to empower people to lead healthy and sustainable lives by making it easier to grow fresh food in their everyday environment.

Produce purchased at the grocery store is expensive, tasteless, unsafe, and bad for our environment.

We believe people would want to grow their own food, but today it's just not happening. This is mostly because people don’t have space, knowledge, or time to garden in their homes. We want to solve this! Our systems support the ability to grow greens and herbs for cooking as well as flowers and succulents for decor. 

Why does this matter?

Produce grown in the US travels an average of 889 miles from farm to table. Because of this, most produce is already 3-10 days old when it is purchased at a grocery store. Often times it is sprayed with harmful pesticides and herbicides that make greens the #1 riskiest food you can buy at the grocery store. Corporate farms are forced to prioritize shelf life over nutritional value in order to make a profit. Since fresh food goes bad so quickly, 38% of all greens and herbs grown in the united states are wasted. 

Our Planet Needs Help

Today, the global food system is responsible for up to 1/3 of all human-caused greenhouse-gas emissions (CGIAR). Fortunately, this category and its effects on the environment can be limited or eliminated completely by localizing production through advanced technology. Hydroponics, for example, is 95% more water efficient and requires 12x less space to produce an equivalent yield when compared to traditional soil-based agriculture. This makes it possible for food growing systems to be used to solve major hunger and health problems. When scaled down, this type of technology can actually be hung on a wall in a home or apartment. When people choose to grow their own food using a Simple Garden, they will be reducing their food footprint by driving down demand for produce otherwise supplied by “Big Agriculture”.

Our Team

We are a team of dedicated, thoughtful, and fun graduates working around UCLA. We are a team of doers and believers. We are extremely passionate about making an impact in our society and want to address major problems such as Sustainability, Health, and Hunger.

Simple Gardens was founded at the confluence of science, art, and business.  We bring together experts from each of these disciplines to form an environment that fosters collaborative problem-solving.  We leverage the combination of these different schools of thought to unlock value impossible in isolation. We believe that technology can be incredibly valuable to society if it is designed to be accepted by its users.